Arany János Hungarian School, New York

AJ_isk_logo_250The Arany János Hungarian School is an open, ideologically and politically neutral, non-profit educational institution. The School operates every Saturday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Ages 0-3

Bóbita Hungarian Mommy-and-Me Play Group

A bi-weekly 50-minute-long program for children under 3 and their caregivers. A group for the youngest aiming to develop Hungarian language skills. The sessions follow a carefully crafted sequence of Hungarian nursery rhymes, children’s songs and games with active parent participation. The methodological background for the program is the Hungarian “Ringató” method. Play group meets in the First Hungarian Baptist Church (225 E 80th St, New York, NY 10075). Facebook group: (Bóbita Játszócsoport, NYC) please sign up for notifications about up-coming sessions.

Ages 3-6

Nursery, Pre-school and Kindergarten Program

Weekly 3-hour-long classes with two certified teachers per group. Children develop social and communication skills while learning about Hungarian culture and traditions (stories, songs, games, crafts).

Ages 6 and up

Elementary, Middle and High School Program

The primary goal of the school is to develop students’ fluency in reading and writing in Hungarian, as well as to teach basic historical and geographical knowledge of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin. Teachers have certifications from Hungary or from neighboring Hungarian regions. Our teachers and parents continuously participate in workshops such as annual professional development training, the American Hungarian School Conference (, and other workshops organized by the AJMI.

Our students use a variety of materials that include textbooks and workbooks published for schools in Hungary, e.g. those by Apáczai Kiadó. Other resources are learning materials that were developed by the Balassi Institute for learners of Hungarian as a heritage language (Balassi Füzetek) and publications on Hungarian Heritage Studies (Magyarságismeret) edited and published by the Hungarian Scouts Association in Exteris.

Our school is proud to have created a solid Hungarian community where the student body consists of first, second and even third generation Hungarians including alumni returning with their children. In this welcoming environment, students, parents and teachers open up to each other and forge true, lifelong friendships far from home. Thus the school serves not only as the learning center for young Hungarian-speakers, but for many as an adopted family in New York City.

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