December 7-8-9: 3rd Hungarian Heritage Festival – Advent

Workshops for both adults and children to make your own presents, hands-on instruction in traditional handicrafts, Advent folk music concerts and folk dance programs, a Christmas exhibition, a visit from St. Nicholas, a Christmas fair and delicious Christmas foods — all await our dear visitors!


Friday, December 7, 2018


“Music of angels, candlelight. . .”: Christmases of bygone days

Exhibition organized by the Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Szentendre

Christmas – for each one of us it calls to mind something different: different tastes, smells, customs and family traditions. How were the trees decorated? Which trends influenced the types of ornaments and sweets hung on the Christmas tree? How did people in rural and urban homes celebrate? Since when have Hungarians had Christmas fondant? All these questions are answered in our current exhibition where the many photographs and snapshots evoke moments of Christmases from the distant past and from the more recent past.

Hungarian Traditional Craftsmanship

Exhibition organized by the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists, featuring artworks of Anikó Arvai weaver, Marta Bencsik basket weaver, Judit Szmelo gingerbread decorator, Vetro Mihaly felt maker, and Bernadett Pap Zelei embroiderer.

Featuring: Livia Bagoczky, voice Krisztian Olah, piano

Krisztian Olah has become a recognizable presence on the European jazz scene at just 22 years of age. In 2015 he won the third place at the Montreux Jazz Piano Competition. In 2016, the Hungarian Jazz Federation recognized Olah as the Young Jazz Musician of the Year. In 2018 he was selected to the semi-finals of the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition in the US.

Livia Bagoczky is one of the most well-rounded singer in Hungary. The audience usually knows her from the Balkan Fanatik band. But her special voice – which you can easily recognize – is not only pleasurable in folk music but a good match with jazz music also. This voice and piano duo plays mostly jazz standards, and covers rearranged by Krisztian Olah.


Libero Canto: Monteverdi & Bartok

The Libero Canto Approach has two important cultural and philosophical sources:  the traditions of the old Italian singing schools, and the Hungarian traditions of music pedagogy, folk music, and musical culture.  These two sources are represented in tonight’s program.

The Libero Canto Approach was first developed in Budapest in the 1920’s and ‘30’s by Lajos Szamosi, a Hungarian singer and singing teacher. After almost one hundred years in Europe, Libero Canto came to New York, where Deborah Carmichael and Kinga Cserjési are teaching and promoting this way of teaching.  Deborah and Kinga were students of Lajos Szamosi’s son, Edvin Szamosi, who worked in Vienna and New York.  Deborah was born in New York but has been immersed in Hungarian culture for more than twenty-five years through the Szamosi family.  Kinga was born in Budapest, where she completed her degree at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.  Marisa Michelson and Sara Serpa are both singers, teachers, and composers who have been working with the Libero Canto Approach for many years.


Deborah Carmichael – voice

Kinga Cserjesi – voice

Marisa Michelson – voice

Sara Serpa – voice

Doug Martin – piano

Hungarian specialties: Szekely style cabbage with stew, Bakony style pork ragout with dumplings

Desserts:An assortment of strudels and Beigli (nut or poppy roll)

Mulled wine

Donations to the Hungarian House are greatly appreciated.

Suggested donation: $15/adult, $10/student, senior


Saturday, December 8, 2018

4 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. – „MAKE YOUR OWN PRESENTS” HANDICRAFTS WORKSHOPSwith the artisans of the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists 


Aniko Arvai, weaver, Master of Folk Art

Marta Bencsik, basket weaver, Applied Folk Artist

Judit Szmelo, gingerbread decorator, Applied Folk Artist

Mihaly Vetro, felt maker, Master of Folk Art



“Music of angels, candlelight. . .”: Christmases of bygone days

Exhibition organized by the Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Szentendre

7 P.M. – FOLK MUSIC CONCERT: The Sounds of Advent

Featuring: Kobzos Ensemble (HUN), Ukrainian Village Voices (US), Supruli Georgian Choir (US)

The Kobzos Ensemble was founded in 2006 to perform mainly Hungarian spiritual songs with instrumental accompaniment. Apart from spiritual concerts the Ensemble also plays folk music concerts from different regions, dance-workshops (so called ‘dance-houses’) for adults as well as children, and early music concerts whose sets are made up of the musical themes from mediaeval Europe.

The members of Kobzos Ensemble have already been awarded different Hungarian awards all and singular too, such as: ‘Young Master of Folk Art Award’, ‘Bezeredj Price’ of The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, ‘Béla Bartók Prize’, ‘For the Hungarian Arts Award’ and ‘Award for Home Defense’.


Andrea Navratil Andrea – voice, gardon, bells

László Demeter – voice, lute, bells

Márton Komáromi – violin

Supruli is a vocal ensemble dedicated to the traditional folk and liturgical polyphonic singing traditions of the Republic of Georgia. Georgian polyphonic singing has captivated singers and scholars alike, and there are Georgian choirs in many countries. Predominantly a cappella, the music does not follow Western rules of harmony or voice leading, with fifths being more common than octaves. There is also remarkable diversity of styles within the form, despite the fact that Georgia is such a small country. For singers in Supruli, the music has great power on its own – but within the context of Georgian culture, it’s something that transcends music theory and reverberates through heart and soul. Anyone who delves into Georgian culture will discover that it’s impossible to do so in a purely academic manner; Georgians are intense and passionate about their culture, and that passion is highly contagious.

Ukrainian Village Voicessings in the polyphonic Ukrainian village style and its repertoire is constantly evolving, frequently focusing on seasonal celebrations, ritual songs, as well as lyrical music. They often sing songs recorded by ethnomusicologists from the oldest dwellers of villages in Ukraine. Thus they pay homage to the ancient spirit of these songs while also naturally bringing a unique North American feel to the music. Growing out of Ukrainian Women’s Voices (c. 2008), the group was renamed Ukrainian Village Voices in 2012 to more fully encapsulate the heart and mission of the collective. Since 2013, the ensemble has performed for a wide range of audiences in the New York metropolitan area and other locales in New York State, as well as in Canada.


Live music and dance teaching all night.


Members of Kobzos Ensemble (HUN), Életfa (NJ), Fényes Banda (NY)

Reka Marton and Daniel Horvath folk dance instructors, interns of Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program

Hungarian specialties: Szekely style cabbage with stew, Chicken ragout with dumplings

Desserts:An assortment of strudels and Beigli (nut or poppy roll)

Mulled wine

Donations to the Hungarian House are greatly appreciated.

Suggested donation: $20/adult, $10/student, senior, $5/children under 7


Sunday, December 9, 2018

10 A.M. to 6 P.M. – CHRISTMAS FAIR

Christmas candies, smoked delicacies, sausage, Christmas ornaments, gifts, soaps, jewelry…, and exciting programs:

11 A.M. to 2 P.M. – „MAKE YOUR OWN PRESENTS” HANDICRAFTS WORKSHOPSwith the artisans of the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists


Aniko Arvai, weaver, Master of Folk Art

Marta Bencsik, basket weaver, Applied Folk Artist

Judit Szmelo, gingerbread decorator, Applied Folk Artist

Mihaly Vetro, felt maker, Master of Folk Art

12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. – LUNCH

Hungarian specialties: Stuffed cabbage and Goulash soup

Desserts: An assortment of strudels and Beigli (nut or poppy roll)

Mulled wine

12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M. – CONCERTS

Laura Angyal-Jeta Hyseni jazz duo, Kobzos Ensemble


Organized by the Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Szentendre

Location: American Hungarian Library


“Music of angels, candlelight. . .”: Christmases of bygone days

Organized by the Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Szentendre


Arts and crafts workshop with the artisans of the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists, concerts and folk dance party for children with the Kobzos Ensemble.

Kindly register each child participating:

Admission: $15/child, St. Nicholas pack of goodies included

Admission to the Christmas Fair is free.

Participation in the programs is free of charge until 3 P.M.

Partner Organizations:

Association of Hungarian Folk Artists, Hungary

Skanzen – Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre, Hungary


Consulate General of Hungary in New York

Csoóri Sándor Fund, Hungary

Gábor Bethlen Found, Hungary

Halmos Béla Program, Hungary

Human Capacities Grant Management Office, Hungary

Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program, Hungary

National Cultural Fund, Hungary

Artistic director:

Ildikó Nagy

 Further information:

Hungarian House of New York

American Foundation for Hungarian Literature and Education Ltd.



Winter 2018-2019

 – Location: 215 East 82 Street (between Second & Third Avenues), New York, NY 10028

– Three levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

-Starting dates: beginner – December 3rd 6pm, intermediate – December 4th 6:15 pm, advanced – December 4th 4:30 pm

– Length of the course: 10 weeks, 90 minutes each class

– Participation fee:  $399 including materials and handouts

– Register at:

ERDŐFŰ Hungarian Folk Music Concert & Folk Dance Party

Saturday, November 17, 2018,

6 pm – Concert

7 pm – 12 am – Hungarian Folk Dance Workshop (material TBA) & Folk Dance Party 

Erdőfű Band unites some of the Hungarian Táncház revival’s most prominent young folk musicians through representing the hungarian music tradition: they cherish and showcase the music heritage of Hungary and other nations of the Carpathian Basin.

Delicious food, cash bar

Admission: $15/adult, $10 student/senior, free for children under 14

Further information:

Judy Olson: 516-741-5109,

Roger Cooper:

Fundraising Gala and Tokaji Wine Dinner – 2018

Tokaji Wine Dinner and Fundraising Gala Evening in the Hungarian House of New York on October 5, 2018. We thank all our guests for their support and generous donations and presence. Thanks to the Consulate General of Hungary, Ambassador Ferenc Kumin, Consul General of Hungary, and Dr. Imre Szakács Hungarian Community Diplomat for their support, for László Molnár chef for the excellent dinner. We are extremely grateful to the 8 volunteers without whom such a wonderful evening could have not been organized: Lajos Apa, Valéria Bíró, Judit Eszes (KCSP) Hajnal Hegedűs, Lili Kunfalvi, Réka Márton (KCSP), Annamária Pénz, Tamás Rakusz, István Tordai. Thanks to Ernő Oláh and His Gipsy Band from the Szeged Restaurant, Budapest, for the excellent music! The Hungarian House of New York has been maintained by the Hungarian community for 54 years!

Photo: Noémi Szakonyi, Máté Vincze

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Friday, October 5: Fundraising Gala and Tokaji Wine Dinner

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Hungarian House,

On behalf of the Director and the Owner Organizations of the Hungarian House we would like to thank all of our supporters for being so generous in helping to maintain the Hungarian House, and we are reaching out to everyone who believes it is important to keep and preserve Hungarian culture in New York City. We cordially invite you and your family to attend our next event:

Fundraising Gala and Tokaji Wine Dinner for the Hungarian House of New York

Gastronomic pleasures will be provided by the master chef of the Hungarian Consulate, László Molnár.

Music: Olah Ernő Gypsy Band directly from the Szeged Restaurant, Budapest

Friday, October 5, 2018 at 7 PM

7 PM – cocktails

8 PM – dinner

Hungarian House of New York

213 East 82 Street, New York, NY 10028

We sincerely request your sponsorship for the event and send us your contribution!

The most important goal for our Fundraising Gala is to assure the much needed funds to maintain the House, continue our cultural programming, and undertake further renovations.

We invite you to accept our invitation to become a sponsor by making your contribution and attending our Gala!

If you wish to attend the Gala, please return your reservation card by September 28:

If you wish to support the Hungarian House, please send your tax-deductible donation by September 28, payable to AFHLE (American Foundation for Hungarian Literature and Education, Ltd.) to our address: Hungarian House, 213 East 82 Street, New York, NY, 10028-2701. We will acknowledge your support in our Gala program booklet.

We are also able to accept donations online on the website of the Hungarian House: via the DONATION button.

Requested donation for the Tokaj Wine Dinner: $ 100/ person

We are pleased to report that in the last few of years the Hungarian House of New York were exciting, busy and successful. In 2017 we organized 15 large community events including exhibitions, concerts, lectures, public fairs, and fundraising events. Last year we also organized a street festival, the II. Hungarian Heritage Festival, presenting twenty-three artists from Hungary. Regularly the House is home to Hungarian Scouts’ activities, the Hungarian Heritage Group organized by The Széchenyi Society, Hungarian language classes organized by the American Hungarian Library, Hungarian folkdance classes for children and adults, Hungarian Mommy-and-Me Playgroup, and since September, 2015, we are hosting the Arany János Hungarian School as well.

These activities were made possible by generous donations received during our fundraising campaigns, as well as by the many volunteers who generously contributed their time. We are grateful and appreciative to these individuals who understand the mission of the Hungarian House and the importance of keeping Hungarian culture and heritage alive and share it with the public in New York. We hope to make the future years just as successful as the previous ones, and present many more cultural and community programs.

Our sincere hope is that you will support our fundraising campaign and event and continue to be a contributor, financially and otherwise and will help support Hungarian cultural awareness in New York City. We would be honored if you would personally share this special occasion with us!

Respectfully yours,

László Hámos, President of the American Hungarian Library and Historical Society

Imre Lendvai-Lintner, President of the Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris

Ákos Rózsa, President of the Széchenyi István Society

Ildikó Nagy, Managing Director of the Hungarian House

Sunday, September 30: KALÁKA FAMILY DAY


doors open and arts and crafts activities starts at 3 PM

4 PM – KALAKA Concert for children

6 PM – “Így szerettek ők” – Concert and literature for everyone

Based on Krisztián Nyáry’s books, and songs of Kaláka.

Director: Katalin Kőváry, recipient of Jászai Mari Prize, Artist of Merit Award

Hungarian House of New York

213 E 82 Street, New York, NY, 10028


Ádám Földi – actor, former actor of the National Theatre of Hungary

Nikoletta Pankovits – actress




Kindly ask for RSVP by September 25:

“Így szerettek ők”, the romantic literature books written by Krisztián Nyáry, are among the most successful publications of recent years, as shown not only by their critical acclaim but by the unwaning interest and adoration of readers. Each of the two volumes draws attention to lesser-known details of the famous romantic histories of 40 Hungarian writers and artists. With the help of original documents – letters, journal entries, photographs – and the books which elucidate the emotions and events, these evocative etudes bring the characters closer to the reader.

In the spirit of romanticism, this semi-staged production presents the unique stories of significant Hungarian authors and their special relationships through the interpretation of outstanding performers and with texts set to live musical accompaniment and projections. Hosted by the author himself, Krisztián Nyáry, this musical-literary journey through time will reveal to audiences the private lives of authors like Lőrinc Szabó, Endre Ady, Attila József, Elek Benedek, Dezső Kosztolányi, Mihály Csokonai Vitéz and Sándor Weöres. The literary verses, personal documents, and stories brought to life by the popular music of Kaláka, guide us into a secret world of emotions.

The Kaláka Ensemble was formed in Budapest in 1969. They sing poetry and play their own arrangements of folk music. Their music is varied and the poetry comes from many different styles as well. The sound of the four singing voices mixed with classical and folk instruments together gives the music a unique sound. The word “kaláka” refers to a Transylvanian folk custom of working together. Originally it meant a house building party.

The Transylvanian poet Sándor Kányádi wrote: “The Kaláka Ensemble is elegant. They offer poetry to their audiences on a musical platter which would never be confused with anyone else’s music. Their compositions aren’t forced, rather the original melody of a verse is played, born of the quietness of the heart exiled in books from the time of Gutenberg.”

The Kaláka Ensemble has an extremely wide repertoire that contains approximately 1200 songs and 30 albums. The tunes are old and new, and the poetry is from Hungarian poets as well as poets of other nationalities.

Ádám Földi was born in 1979 in Cegléd. He graduated from the Benedictine Secondary School in Pannaonhalma, Hungary. He began his studies at the Theater and Film Academy, Hungary in the classes of Gábor Zsámbéki and Sándor Zsótér in 2004. He spent his internship at the Radnóti Theater, Hungary. He was the member of the National Theater from 2008 until 2013.

Pankovits Nikolett is a jazz vocalist and actor. She played in the Drama Studio of Margit Földessy in Hungary. She has been living in New York City since 2010, where he first studied jazz at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and then at the City College. He has been performing at many renowned clubs in New York, such as Blue Note, Joe’s Pub, Rockwood.

Supported by

Ministry of Human Resources in Hungary

Hungarian House of New York

Further information:

Monteverdi & Bartók Concert

Please join us for a special concert featuring the music of Claudio Monteverdi & Béla Bartók. 

The four singers of Monteverdi & Bartók practice the Libero Canto approach to singing, which was originated by Lajos Szamosi (1894–1977), who lived and worked in Budapest before the Second World War. Two children of Lajos Szamosi, Edvin and Hedda, continued to develop their father’s work. Kinga Cserjési, a native of Budapest, who studied with Edvin Szamosi and is a licensed teacher of Libero Canto, is the musical director, together with Deborah Carmichael, of the Monteverdi & Bartók program. All pieces by Bartók, as well Hungarian traditional songs, are sung in Hungarian.

Monteverdi & Bartók is a program of vocal and instrumental music by two composers of extraordinary genius. Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643) and Béla Bartók (1881 – 1945) lived more than three hundred years apart, and share neither language nor culture, yet this unique program weaves together their two musical worlds and reveals not only their differences but also their common ground. Each of these two composers was revolutionary in his time, deeply rooted in a tradition yet creating new musical forms.

Monteverdi & Bartók is performed by an ensemble of 4 singers, 2 violins, cello, and piano.

Deborah Carmichael
Kinga Cserjési
Marisa Michelson
Sara Serpa

Nikita Morozov, violin
Yuri Namkung, violin
Valeriya Sholokhova, cello
Danica Borisavljevic, piano

Guest appearance by members of the Choral Society of the Hamptons:

Allen Fein
Janet Fensterer
William Gosman
Evan Harrel
Vivian Lindemann
Susan Raymond

“It’s rare to hear this kind of music making. I loved the concert so much that I want to tell all my friends about it!” Audience comment