COVID Policy Declaration by the Owners and Leadership of the Hungarian House

The leadership of the Hungarian House of New York wish to reiterate its continued commitment to ensure the safety and health of all guests and staff of the Hungarian House, while we continue to serve our community.

The main principle underlying our health and safety policy is to fully comply with the rules and guidelines determined by New York City and the State of New York.

It is the responsibility of each organization or individual who rents or organizes meetings in the Hungarian House to be aware of the current rules and guidelines, and to ensure compliance with them.

The Manager and the owners of the Hungarian House of New York reserve the right to check compliance with these rules and guidelines. In cases of non-adherence rental agreements may be cancelled and/or events cancelled. We also recognize that some event organizers might wish to apply stricter rules than the guideline in force now. We are supportive of their decision to do so.