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3rd Hungarian Heritage Festival – Advent, Day 2

December 8, 2018, 4:00 pm - 11:55 pm

Workshops for both adults and children to make your own presents, hands-on instruction in traditional handicrafts, Advent folk music concerts and folk dance programs, a Christmas exhibition, a visit from St. Nicholas, a Christmas fair and delicious Christmas foods — all await our dear visitors!

4 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. – „MAKE YOUR OWN PRESENTS” HANDICRAFTS WORKSHOPS with the artisans of the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists


Aniko Arvai, weaver, Master of Folk Art

Marta Bencsik, basket weaver, Applied Folk Artist

Judit Szmelo, gingerbread decorator, Applied Folk Artist

Mihaly Vetro, felt maker, Master of Folk Art



“Music of angels, candlelight. . .”: Christmases of bygone days

Exhibition organized by the Hungarian Open-Air Museum, Szentendre

7 P.M. – FOLK MUSIC CONCERT: The Sounds of Advent

Featuring: Kobzos Ensemble (HUN), Ukrainian Village Voices (US), Supruli Georgian Choir (US)

The Kobzos Ensemble was founded in 2006 to perform mainly Hungarian spiritual songs with instrumental accompaniment. Apart from spiritual concerts the Ensemble also plays folk music concerts from different regions, dance-workshops (so called ‘dance-houses’) for adults as well as children, and early music concerts whose sets are made up of the musical themes from mediaeval Europe.

The members of Kobzos Ensemble have already been awarded different Hungarian awards all and singular too, such as: ‘Young Master of Folk Art Award’, ‘Bezeredj Price’ of The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, ‘Béla Bartók Prize’, ‘For the Hungarian Arts Award’ and ‘Award for Home Defense’.


Andrea Navratil Andrea – voice, gardon, bells

László Demeter – voice, lute, bells

Márton Komáromi – violin

Supruli is a vocal ensemble dedicated to the traditional folk and liturgical polyphonic singing traditions of the Republic of Georgia. Georgian polyphonic singing has captivated singers and scholars alike, and there are Georgian choirs in many countries. Predominantly a cappella, the music does not follow Western rules of harmony or voice leading, with fifths being more common than octaves. There is also remarkable diversity of styles within the form, despite the fact that Georgia is such a small country. For singers in Supruli, the music has great power on its own – but within the context of Georgian culture, it’s something that transcends music theory and reverberates through heart and soul. Anyone who delves into Georgian culture will discover that it’s impossible to do so in a purely academic manner; Georgians are intense and passionate about their culture, and that passion is highly contagious.

Ukrainian Village Voicessings in the polyphonic Ukrainian village style and its repertoire is constantly evolving, frequently focusing on seasonal celebrations, ritual songs, as well as lyrical music. They often sing songs recorded by ethnomusicologists from the oldest dwellers of villages in Ukraine. Thus they pay homage to the ancient spirit of these songs while also naturally bringing a unique North American feel to the music. Growing out of Ukrainian Women’s Voices (c. 2008), the group was renamed Ukrainian Village Voices in 2012 to more fully encapsulate the heart and mission of the collective. Since 2013, the ensemble has performed for a wide range of audiences in the New York metropolitan area and other locales in New York State, as well as in Canada.


Live music and dance teaching all night.


Members of Kobzos Ensemble (HUN), Életfa(NJ), Fényes Banda (NY)

Reka Marton and Daniel Horvath folk dance instructors,interns of Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program

Hungarian specialties: Szekely style cabbage with stew, Chicken ragout with dumplings

Desserts:An assortment of strudels and Beigli (nut or poppy roll)

Mulled wine

Donations to the Hungarian House are greatly appreciated.

Suggested donation: $20/adult, $10/student, senior, $5/children under 7

Partner Organizations:

Association of Hungarian Folk Artists, Hungary

Skanzen – Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre, Hungary


Consulate General of Hungary in New York

Csoóri Sándor Fund, Hungary

Gábor Bethlen Found, Hungary

Halmos Béla Program, Hungary

Human Capacities Grant Management Office, Hungary

Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program, Hungary

National Cultural Fund, Hungary

Artistic director:

Ildikó Nagy

Further information:

Hungarian House of New York

American Foundation for Hungarian Literature and Education Ltd.