Friends of the Hungarian House

In the past half century, the Hungarian House of New York has been visited by people from many Hungarian-related walks of life – whether for a single visit out of respect for the ancestors, or as a decades-long haven to share community.

The House has served several generations of Hungarian immigrants and their communities. The more visitors and communities that have made it their home, the more diverse the face of the House has been, and the more reasons for wanting to keep and maintain their Hungarian identities.

Backing an institution that serves the community is a noble cause. Providing support, volunteer help, and conveying through kindly gestures the spiritual, cultural and communal values that are shared and timeless in this heterogeneous Hungarian diaspora of New York is uplifting.

You become a Friend of the Hungarian House if you commit yourself to a minimum $100 regular annual donation to the Hungarian House to achieve its goals:

– to present Hungarian culture, arts and sciences to the Hungarian-American and wider American society;

– to strengthen the Hungarian diaspora community through quality cultural programs, events and social gatherings;

– to create conditions for an uninterrupted operation of the Hungarian House through collecting donations and by other means.

We welcome in our midst all those who respect and adopt our mission!

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Annual amount you wish to donate

Please donate online via the Donate button, or by mailing a check payable to AFHLE (American Foundation for Hungarian Literature and Education, Ltd.) to our address:

Hungarian House

213 East 82nd Street

New York, NY, 10028


The Management of the Hungarian House