Hungarian Heritage Festival

Hungarian Heritage Festival on June 20, 2015 was co-organized by the Hungarian House of New York and the Balassi Institute, Hungarian Cultural Center, NY presenting Hungarian traditional arts and crafts for children, children’s folk dance party, concert and folk dance party with Muzsikás Ensemble, feat. Ágnes Herczku soloist, Béla Ágoston bagpipe player.

Exhibition openings:

Traditional Hungarian Craftsmanship – masterpieces from the Associations of Hungarian Folk Artists

Lace of Hövej by Mrs. István Szigethy lace-maker

Transylvanian Musicians – photos by Béla Kása

Thanks to the participating vendors, organizations, the Arany Janos Hungarian School and the Hungarian scout troops, the Consulate General of Hungary, and all of our volunteers, mainly: Zsuzsi Tass, Ildikó Ozsváth, Réka Darida, Jutka Csíki, István Tordai, Ildikó Breczó … and to all who helped completing the program, provided financial support, or just said a couple of supportive words. Also big thanks to all our guests who considered it important to support the presence of the Hungarian cultural life of New York.