Lecture and Egg Decorating Workshop with Ildikó Fekete Egg Painter, Recipient of Junior Prima Prize

Saturday, March 31, 2018
4:00 PM – Egg decorating and egg hunt for children
5:30 PM – The Magical Easter Egg – a lecture by Ildikó Fekete
6:30 PM – Egg decorating workshop with Ildikó Fekete

Admission fee:
$10/children – Please bring a dozen plastic eggs with treats or chocolate eggs for egg hunt.
$20/adults – Please bring hard boild eggs.

Tools will be provided, cost of materials for the decorating workshop is included.

Dyeing and decorating eggs have a long history in the Hungarian tradition. Techniques and motifs show the same regional variety as Hungarian embroideries do. Please join us to our traditional Easter egg decorating workshop on Holy Saturday. The wax-resist egg dyeing technique will be presented and thought by Ildikó Fekete.

728 decorated Easter eggs from 7 Hungarian regions have been exhibited at the Hungarian House of New York since September 2017. The solo exhibit of Ildikó Fekete egg painter, Young Master of Folk Art, Recipient of Junior Prima Prize can be seen until April 1, 2018. Further information about he exhibit can be found here.

Ildiko Fekete has been living in the enchantment of Easter eggs since her childhood. She collects and searches patterns, as well as creates her own patterns based on traditional motifs.

She studies and copies the egg patterns of several main regions such as Gyimes, Háromszék, Sárköz, Baranya, Muravidék and Felvidék. Besides, she regularly does research work, trying to find the forgotten patterns. Because of the extraordinary diversity of Hungarian motifs it is a rather large project.

Ildiko has been organizing solo exhibits since she was 19 all over in Hungary, and she has introduced her work in Beijing and Sydney as well. The main sponsor of her solo exhibit at the Hungarian House of New York is the Hungarian Government.

Kindly ask for RSVP by March 27: