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Hungarian Scout Troops in NY

The #46 Banffy Kata Hungarian Girl Scout Troop and #7 Eros Gusztav Boy Scout Troop located in New York City have been providing scout programming for over 60 years.

The NYC Hungarian Scout Troops

#46 Bánffy Kata Hungarian Girl Scout and #7 Erős Gusztáv Boy Scout Troops are located in New York City and have provided scouting programs for over 60 years.


We welcome all Hungarian children who are over 6 years of age, and we meet every other week at the Hungarian House of New York. These scout meetings involve learning practical scouting skills, along with Hungarian folklore, history, traditions, customs and folksongs passed down from generation to generation. Each program occurs in patrols, where scouts come together with other children their age.

Not only do we meet at the Hungarian House, but we go on outings too, including camping, skiing, canoeing, bicycling and much more. These events bring scouts together where they become lifelong friends and advance their scouting knowledge. All of our programs are in Hungarian, so scouts can actively practice their language skills as well.


Every Hungarian- speaking child, no matter the skill level, is welcome to join!

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